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Commercial, Industrial and Residential Front, Rear load, Cart, Open Top trash, construction debris & recycling removal services


Distribution centers, Food Distributors, Warehouses, Manufacturers


Doctors, Dentists, Medical Practice & Clinics, Laboratories & Testing Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Surgery Centers, Plasma Centers, Nursing Homes and Long-term Care Facilities, Dialysis Clinics, Schools, Hospices, Veterinarians, Ambulance and Paramedic Organizations, Hospice and Home Health Providers


Commercial & Industrial transportation & recycling


Industrial transportation & recycling



With our ?FEE? structure, after the completion of our COST REDUCTION audit, you?re simply paying us with a small portion of your savings that you were already paying your current company.? After which, you will benefit from the savings throughout the remaining length of the contract. NO SAVINGS, NO FEE! No out of pockets costs to you.

By signing our management agreement, we will review your current waste program, contract terms and conditions, invoices,? fuel & environmental fees, overcharges, etc. in order to identify quantifiable savings.? We will contract directly with you to manage your waste transportation and disposal services.? Savings of 25-35% are not uncommon.


Solid, Liquid, Electronic, Universal waste materials will be transported to state approved disposal sites. Certificates of Recycling for Electronic and Universal waste are available for those who require documentation.

Regulated Medical waste (RMW), will be transported to state approved disposal sites. Once your waste has reached its final destination, a completed manifest verifying that it has been properly disposed of is mailed to you. To ensure your peace of mind, our transporters a maintain cradle to grave chain of custody.? Copies of lost or misplaced? manifests can be emailed to you at NO CHARGE!


Our transporters are fully permitted, licensed and insured.? All waste is transported to state approved landfills, incinerators and Regulated Medical waste processing facilities.

Biohazard Regulated Medical Waste OSHA & DOT Compliance training (mandatory)

In order to stay compliant with Federal, State and local regulations we can provide affordable yearly On-line Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP), HIPAA training certifications for your staff.? From your administrative side it?s easy to schedule our on-line training, monitor progression of each employee and assign new or additional training modules. This allows you to complete training programs on YOUR schedule, not someone else?s.

Are you in violation of OSHA regulations?

Avoid costly OSHA fines by taking advantage of our easy and effective OSHA Compliance program. Understanding OSHA Compliance is a huge challenge facing our clients, and one we would like to make disappear. Whether you are a large corporate office or small independent one, OSHA Compliance standards are applied equally.

Did you know that serious OSHA violations can cost up to $25,000 per violation? And that if you willfully ignore a violation you could be fined up to $70,000?

Regulated Medical Waste Compliance Certification Questionnaire:

  • Are all in-office pharmaceuticals being treated in accordance with EPA and DEA laws?
  • Does our office have the proper bio-medical waste spill kit in accordance to OSHA standards? Is the location and procedure listed in the bio-medical plan?
  • Has our office completed a bio-medical operating plan within the last 12 months? Have all employees signed acknowledging the plan?
  • Have all employees completed blood borne pathogen training courses within the last 12 months?
  • Have all newly hired (within 30 days) employees completed blood-borne pathogen training in accordance to OSHA standards?
  • Have all employees been trained within the preceding 12 months on proper waste segregation?
  • Are all manifests kept for a minimum of 3 years? Does each manifest record the date of pickup and date of treatment facility including location?
  • Does our indoor storage facility include impervious floors?

If you answered?NO?for any of these questions, your office?IS NOT?compliant.