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Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions …

1. Can we cancel our agreement with a 30 day written notice if we are dissatisfied with our service?

Most waste disposal companies charge penalties (up to 6 months liquidated damages) in order to release you from a long-term contract.

Yes. If we are unable to remedy a service issue within a reasonable amount of time, we will release you from your agreement with a 30 day notice and without penalty.

2. Will you raise our pricing during the duration of our contract?

Some companies reserve the right to increase pricing and/or add fees to your current waste transportation agreement in the form of fuel surcharges and environment service fees with no required notice to you. You will have no way to terminate your agreement if or when these changes are implemented.

Environmental Remedies, LLC will negotiate with you and lock in a yearly set price for the duration of the agreement.

3. Is your pricing all-inclusive?

Some will charge separate fees such as fuel, environmental, surcharges, etc.??

YES, our fees for services are all-inclusive. We have a fixed flat fee and do not charge any of the extra fees you might be accustomed to seeing on your invoices.

4. Do you offer Blood Borne Pathogens and HIPPA training required by OSHA for Regulated Medical Waste ?

Some transportation companies do not provide required training. This leaves you?looking for resources from other vendors and could put you at risk of non-compliance and substantial fines.

We can provide optional OSHA and HIPPA on-line training.? Our training modules allow you to complete training programs on YOUR schedule, not someone else?s.

5. Will I have a local contact who will be able to answer my questions or come to my facility for a free walk-through?

If your current transporter does not provide this service…

We can have a local representative assigned to you. They will gladly take a walk through your facility to assure you are receiving the appropriate level of service.